Woman Robs Shell Gas Station with Walking Stick. Full Confession

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On Thursday morning, MNPD received a call of a robbery in progress at 799 Old Hickory Blvd. Upon arrival officers found the store employee outside pointing into the store stating that the suspect was still inside. Officers found Cristy Lynn Moon, 42, still behind the counter pulling lottery tickets out of the dispenser, where she was arrested.

According to the clerk, Moon entered the store with a walking stick and attempted to purchase gas, but was refused the sale, as she didn’t have an approved container. Moon then got very angry and told the employee that she was going to cut him. She then forced her way behind the counter and then began forcing the employee away from the counter by thrusting her walking stick toward his face and neck.

Moon pushed forward as the employee continued to back up. While doing so the she knocked over and damaged  merchandise with her stick barely missing the employee with her swings. Moon then went back behind the counter and said “I am going to take this money” and began messing with the cash drawer. The employee then stepped outside to create distance, while Moon stayed behind the counter pulling out numerous lottery tickets and then scratching them mid-robbery. Moon freely admitted to all of the above under Miranda.

Cristy Lynn Moon was arrested and charged with felony aggravated robbery and vandalism. She remains in jail this morning, on a $31,000 bond.


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