Woman tells MNPD she was raped, MNPD arrests her for prostitution

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Friday night, a 30-year-old woman says she was raped and then “dumped out” near a Bellevue Shell station, just off the interstate. Several calls came into MNPD about a white female walking in the middle of the road, attempting to flag people down. Police were searching for the lady when another call came in, stating a lady matching the same description was in the middle of the road at 8020 McCrory Lane that was walking in the middle of the road crying, and possibly intoxicated.

While waiting for police, staff at the Shell station had come to the aid of the woman in distress, and took her into the kitchen area of the business, where she fell asleep in a chair while waiting on police to arrive. Police say, upon their arrival, she was slow to respond and had trouble maintaining consciousness, and had slurred speech, and was initially only able to advise that she had been “dumped out there”, so they placed her under arrest for public intoxication, though they clearly note in documents that she had no smell of alcohol, but was likely under the influence of an unknown drug.

As time progressed at the scene, the woman disclosed to Field Training Officer Timothy Morgan that she had been raped prior to being dumped there. Morgan notes that as he began to investigate her rape allegation, she admitted that prior to the rape she had agreed to perform certain sexual acts with the man in exchange for money. (Specifically, his report notes: “she had agreed to perform a “half and half” with a Hispanic male for thirty dollars. A “half and half” is parlance for the defendant providing both oral and vaginal sex with the patron”)

A sex crimes detective responded to the scene, however she was unable to provide him with any further information, due to what was determined to be her having some unknown drug in her system, according to the report. By all reports, she was taken directly to booking, without any testing of the drugs in her system, any rape kit done, or even knowing if she was drugged by the man, or took the drugs willingly.

Officer Morgan then charged her with prostitution, due to her admission during the rape disclosure. A night court magistrate released her on the pre-trial-release program, and she will appear in court on 08/17.

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