Guard Arrested Selling Liquor to Inmate at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison

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On Sunday, September 23rd, an inmate at the Riverbend Maximum Security Prison, located at 7475 Cockrill Bend in Nashville was found to have a ‘FIJI’ branded water bottle, that contained alcohol instead of water.

During an interview with a TDOC Special Agent, Correctional Officer Dennis Judd admitted to bringing the water bottle containing clear liquor inside the prison, and providing it to an inmate. Judd was paid $300.00 to bring the alcohol into the prison.

Dennis Judd is charged with felony (Class C) introduction of contraband into a penal institution, and was booked into the custody Sunday night. He posted a $5,000 bond on Monday, and will appear in court on October 19th.

Judd was employed by the State of Tennessee, and earned $27,329.40 yearly as a correctional officer. A TDOC spokesperson now confirms that “Mr. Judd is no longer an employee of the Tennessee Department of Correction.”

Dennis Judd (MNPD)

Story was updated with booking photo @ 2:17 PM 09/25/18.
Updated with response of TDOC@ 6:14 PM 09/25/18.

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