Mother Arrested After Child Runs Away 5th Time

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Aretha Williamson was charged with child neglect on Monday, after waiting 24-hours to report that her 12-year-old son had run away from home for the 5th time a few days prior.

Earlier in the week, Williamson’s 12-year-old son was released from custody at the Juvenile Detention Center, and his DCS case worker transported him home. As the case worker spoke with Aretha Williamson inside the home, the 12-year-old, who was waiting outside, ran away.

Aretha Williamson (MNPD)

The case worker left the home, and Williamson went outside to look for her son, but he was gone. When the child never returned home by the next morning, Williamson called police to report that her son had run away from home. She told police that she didn’t report him missing sooner because she “believed that he would come home overnight”, but he did not.

Due to the extended period of time between the child going missing, and being reported to police, and in consideration this was the 5th time the child run away from home, police determined she did not give due care as the parent/guardian and charged her with misdemeanor child neglect. Williamson was booked and freed on the pre-trial release program.

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