Father punches 16-year-old daughter in stomach for ‘talking with a boy’

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34-year-old Juan Coochpop is charged with child abuse, after he punched his 16-year-old daughter in stomach for ‘talking with a boy’, according to witnesses.

Metro Police responded to a call of a child being assaulted on December 14th. Upon arrival, the 16-year-old daughter of Juan Carlos Coochpop was crying and appeared to be in pain, according to officers. The victim was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center for her injuries. Via translators, the victim was able to explain that her father became angry over her talking with a boy, and punched her in the stomach. A witness to the assault confirmed the same details.

Juan Carlos Cooch-Pop (MNPD)

The father, Coochpop, smelled of alcohol, and was unable to give a coherent account of what happened, The victim was assisted by DCS to find her a temporary place to stay, for her safety.

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Juan Carlos Coochpop, 34, is charged with child abuse, and currently free on pre-trial release.

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