Metro Council Member seeks to limit scooter rides to pre-set destinations; no more free-roaming

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Metro Council Member Sheri Weiner, who represents Bellevue, is the sole sponsor of a bill (BL2019-1488) that would limit scooters to pre-set destinations, requiring you to only ride them to places with docks. That could mean no more free-roaming scooter rides, without a policy for where docks are located, and for which businesses they are near.

If the bill passes as written, and you are riding a scooter, you would only be able to park it at places with scooter docks. No more going to your favorite place, parking it outside, and going about your day. Instead you’d have to find a dock location that was not full. The bill is also unclear about how it would be decided where docks are placed, and what businesses they would be nearby. Or what if you take a scooter across town to grab some dinner, and all the docks are full – you’d be forced to return to an open dock, nearby or not, to leave your scooter. The bill does not yet define any penalties, or what would happen if you left the scooter parked somewhere without a dock.

The bill specifically says:

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“Shared Urban Mobility Device (SUMD) system” or “system” means a system which provides urban mobility devices for short-term rentals for point-to-point trips. Such a system can be a lock-to SUMD System or a dockless SUMD system. Beginning January 1, 2020, a SUMD system shall include only a lock-to SUMD System; a dockless SUMD system shall not be authorized.

Any SUMD shall be upright when parked. Beginning January 1, 2020, any SUMD not in use must be parked upright at a docking station.

The bill was passed on 1st reading on February 5th. Tonight’s meeting will be the first opportunity for discussion on the bill. It was also referred to the Public Works Committee,¬†Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Committees. You can email the council about the bill here: .

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