Nashville man consents to search, reveals his stash & details drug purchasing history

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Shelby Bridgeforth, 47, is free on a $42,000 bond after spending less than 4 hours in jail Tuesday night after he consented to a search of his residence.

Metro Police Narcotics Detectives conducted a ‘knock-and-talk’ at his Knowles Street apartment in North Nashville on Tuesday afternoon. Detectives said they could smell the odor of marijuana coming through the front door, however no one would come do the door, despite detectives seeing them inside an upstairs window. As detectives were walking back to their vehicles, Shelby Bridgeforth arrived and wanted to know why the police were at his door.

After telling Bridgeforth they could smell marijuana, he consented to a search of his apartment, and called a female who was inside to open the door. Bridgeforth entered the home, and told police to follow him upstairs and he would show them were the marijuana was located. He showed detectives marijuana on a plate in one of the bedrooms, and then removed a ‘FoodSaver’ bag from between the couch cushions, containing a ‘large amount’ of marijuana.

Shelby Bridgeforth (MNPD)

Detectives then conducted their own search of the apartment, which revealed additional marijuana, digital scaled, and repackaging material. Also located was a Taurus .357 magnum and ammunition, and a ‘larger amount’ of U.S. currency, consistent with narcotics sales, per the police report. In total, 220 grams of marijuana was located in the apartment.

Shelby Bridgeforth told detectives he purchases approximately one-half pound of marijuana at a time, for $800.00. He is charged with possession with intent, paraphernalia, and felony firearm charges. He posted a $42,000 bail via AB Bonding, and was released in under 4 hours.

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