Police find woman on bathroom floor; empty cans of air duster beside her

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23-year-old Angelina Puryear is charged with inhaling or possessing to inhale fumes (aka ‘huffing’) after she walked into an Office Depot, took cans off the shelf, and retreated to the restroom to use them.

Police were dispatched to Office Depot on Lebanon Pike for a woman, later identified as Angelina Puryear, who took canned air duster from the store into the bathroom and was huffing it. An employee found her in the bathroom huffing the air cleaner and once police and medics arrived Angelina was lying on the bathroom floor unconscious with 2 empty cans of air cleaner next to her. Police have been called to the area multiple times over the course of a few weeks for Angelina being unconscious and stealing canned air from the local businesses.

Angelina Puryear (MNPD)
Angelina Puryear (MNPD)

Angelina admitted to huffing the cans of air and not paying for them on this occasion as well as the previous occasions. Angelina has been given a citation for a similar incident when she was at a friend’s house where she refused to leave. The owner of the house asked officers to make her vacate the premises. When officers made contact with Angelina on that occasion they found her lying on the floor huffing a can of electronics duster. She was medically cleared and transported to booking.

Angelina Puryear was arrested for inhaling or possessing to inhale fumes, glue, or gas and is currently jailed in lieu of a $5000.00 bond.

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