Man chases employee doesn’t know where he is; charged with public intoxication

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31-year-old David Leyva was charged with public intoxication after he chased an employee around an establishment and was found at an intersection with no idea what city he was in.

On February 16th, officers were dispatched to 162 3rd Avenue South in reference to an intoxicated person chasing an employee of their establishment. Upon arrival, the employees recounted the events witnessed and showed officers a video of David Leyva chasing the employee. David was found “staggering down the sidewalk” at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Church Street.

David Leyva (MNPD)
David Leyva (MNPD)

Officers noted that David had bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech. When police asked him where he was, he did not know what city he was in and continued to repeat his address in Lewisburg. David also said that he had had too much to drink. David Leyva was arrested without incident and charged with Public Intoxication. His bond was set at $100 and the charge was later dismissed.

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