Woman arrested for domestic violence tries to escape custody to “assault the victim again”

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23-year-old Khloe Bryant was charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest after attacking her boyfriend for texting a female while they were together on Valentine’s Day, and then attempting to get away from police in order to “assault the victim again.”

Anthony Wells, the victim, and Khloe Bryant are dating and were involved in an altercation that turned physical. Police responded to 123 Village at Vanderbilt Apartments on February 14th. Anthony told police that Khloe had become upset with him because he had texted another female while they were together.

Khloe Bryant (MNPD)
Khloe Bryant (MNPD)

He went on to say that Khloe then ran at him and hit him in the face multiple times causing a scratch along his left temple. Anthony’s roommates corroborated his version of the events and his injury was photographed. While officers were attempting to take Khloe into custody, she began resisting by ripping her arms away. She even tried to run outside the apartment where Anthony was located and stated that was going to assault him again.

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Khloe Bryant was arrested and charged with Domestic Assault and Resisting Arrest. Her bond was set at $3,000.

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