Disorderly woman strikes medic in the face while receiving treatment

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36-year-old Amanda Gulledge was charged with assault of a health care provider and disorderly conduct when she was yelling, cursing, and throwing food at a Greyhound Bus station then hit an ambulance employee in the face.

On July 25th, a little after 5 pm officers received a complaint about the defendant, Amanda Gulledge, being disorderly at the Greyhound Bus station on 5th Avenue and Division Street. When they made contact with the complainant, she told police that Gulledge was throwing food, yelling, and cursing so they wanted to get her to a hospital.

Amanda Gulledge (MNPD)
Amanda Gulledge (MNPD)

Medic 2 showed up to escort Gulledge to St. Thomas Midtown Hospital but was stopped on 12th Avenue and Broadway. The medics requested back up from the police because medic Tiffany Scott stated that Gulledge struck her in the face during treatment. Gulledge denied further medical treatment and was escorted off of the ambulance and placed into custody. Scott wished to press charges against Gulledge for assault and Officer Posey prosecuted on behalf of her after seeing the redness under her eye. This was so that the ambulance could stay in service.

Amanda Gulledge was arrested and charged with assault on a healthcare provider and disorderly conduct. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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  1. DDDDDuane

    Let me guess….An africoon american fabricated a story that this mentally ill woman hit them…..

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