Mapco robbery suspect identified by fingerprints on a bag of Cheetos

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45-year-old Arrick Fields was charged with robbery when he asked a Mapco employee if they had any chips for $1, then grabbed a bag of Cheetos, went behind the counter, pushed the employee while threatening him with a gun, and took cash from the register. He was later identified using the prints he left on the Cheetos bag.

On July 15th, employee Matt Raia was working at the Mapco located at 765 Bell Road and reported a robbery. His statement said that he saw the defendant, later identified as Arrick Fields, enter the store to utilize the restroom then asked Raia if they have any chips worth one dollar.

Arrick Fields (MNPD)
Arrick Fields (MNPD)

When Raia said that they did not, he picked a bag of Cheetos and told the clerk that he did not have enough money and needed to go back to his truck to obtain more money. After returning from his truck, he ran behind the counter and pushed Raia, making him believe that he has a gun.

He took the money from the register and fled in his red Ford F150. The crime lab was able to identify Fields off of his fingerprints that he left on the Cheetos bag that he picked up. Fields was later found in a red Ford F150 matching the description of the vehicle that the suspect of the robbery fled in.

On July 24th, Arrick Fields was arrested and charged with robbery. His bond was set at $10,000.

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