Woman caught with her pants down by police after admitting to doing cocaine

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23-year-old Allie Allen was charged with public indecency and public intoxication when she was observed wearing a white t-shirt and flashing strangers who drove by. She was then was found walking around with her pants down and claimed to not know why.

On July 25th, passersby in the area of 2000 Church Street were exposed to the defendant, Allie Allen, which officers received multiple phone calls about. They found Allen on 17th Avenue North and Hayes Street and made consensual contact with her. When they asked if she had been flashing people while she was only wearing a white t-shirt she admitted to doing despite her having a hard time answering. She appeared to the officers to be under some sort of drug but refused medical attention because she stated that she was pregnant. While the officers were running her through their system she pulled up her shirt, exposing her buttocks since she was not wearing any underwear.

Allie Allen (MNPD)
Allie Allen (MNPD)

Later that day at 1100 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Allen was reportedly walking around with her pants down. Police were dispatched again and found Allen with her parents still down. She told the police that she left the hospital earlier that day then was walking around. Also, she admitted to taking cocaine two hours prior to the police being there and she did not know why her pants were down.

Allie Allen was arrested and charged with two counts of public intoxication and public indecency. Her bond was set at $600.

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  1. SaintQuinn

    “Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard” HILARIOUS….
    Obviously a typical drug addict/hooker advertising her goods…

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