Dog thief caught on her own video camera stealing neighbor’s dog

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25-year-old Christina Hess was charged with theft after she stole the neighbor’s dog, lied about it to him, and got caught by her own video camera and a witness who took photos of her walking the dog.

On June 8th, Zaonte Carr reported to Metro Nashville Police that his dog had gone missing from his grandmother’s house 919 Ward Street. Carr knew that the neighbors, Christina Hess and her boyfriend Logan Hill, had been taking his dog to their home at 917 Ward Street, and mentioned to police that they had offered to buy the dog from him. He said he declined. Carr said he went to feed his dog one morning, but couldn’t because it was missing. Carr found his dog’s leash cut, so he went next door to 917 Ward Street and asked if he could look at the video on their security camera footage.

Christina Hess (MNPD)
Christina Hess (MNPD)

At first, the residents of 917 told Carr that they didn’t have any footage of what had happened, but later they showed him footage from that night. It displayed a person cutting the leash of the dog at 919, and then the dog running to the back porch of 917. A couple of weeks after the dog went missing, a neighbor took pictures of the dog being walked by Christina Hess. When Carr showed the pictures to Logan Hill, he stated that it was Christina.

On September 20th, Christina Hess was arrested and charged with theft. She was later freed on pre-trial release.

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