Dog thief caught on her own video camera stealing neighbor’s dog

25-year-old Christina Hess was charged with theft after she stole the neighbor’s dog, lied about it to him, and got caught by her own video camera and a witness who took photos of her walking the dog.

Serial thief caught again trying to steal over $240 in items from Walmart

50-year-old Mark Artis was charged with burglary and theft of merchandise after he was caught trying to steal $243 worth of merchandise from Walmart on Dickerson Pike. According to court records, he has been convicted of theft 8 times since August 2012 and had 2 other charges dismissed.

ARRESTED: Burger King Employee steals computer cable so store can’t process credit cards

32-year old Kanisha Lunsford was taken into custody Wednesday on an outstanding warrant, charged with theft of a computer cable from Burger King in October, which caused the Nolensville Pk location to be unable to process credit card transactions.

Man steals pizza, eats it while running away, asks cops for a napkin when caught.

Have you ever stolen an entire pizza, ate it while you were running from police, and ask them for a napkin when they catch up to you? Justin Bowling has. According to court documents, Justin De’Anthony Bowling entered the Exxon at 1111 Broadway about 11:30 on Monday, and took a whole pizza from the hot case for his lunch. Employees anticipated what he was doing, and warned him to not leave without paying for the pie. As he fled the store, eating the pizza along the way, an employee began…

#Goodpasture Package Thief Identified (Nathan Caine) Returns to Home, Confesses

This weekend on our Facebook page, we posted a video from a neighbor that was taken from a security camera, that clearly showed a young person in a Goodpasture hoodie parking in the driveway and stealing an amazon package that contained 2 books. This morning, we are able to report that the thief in the video, Nathan Caine, was made aware the video was being circulated, and confessed to his mother, and they both returned to the home to apologize and make it right. He then proceeded to post on…

THEFT ARREST: Dickerson Rd Walmart Manager

The Electronics Department Manager at the Dickerson Road Walmart, Paul Ficken, was arrested on Friday evening, after giving a written confession to Wal-Mart Loss Prevention, before being turned over to MNPD for booking. According to records, Ficken had been mis-pricing electronics, including iPad’s & a laptop before purchasing them for himself. Loss Prevention Employees had his written confession and security footage available for MNPD at the time of arrest. These transactions happened between 09/01 & 09/08/17, and the lost/discounted amount was $1469.00 from known transactions. Ironically, the dates of the…