Duo found with “dime” bag of cocaine after dodging THP in Wilson County

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26-year-olds Robert Winston and Desmond Jones were charged with marijuana & cocaine. Winston was also charged with evasion, false imprisonment, order of protection violation, driving revoked, heroin, reckless driving, and paraphernalia after fleeing & speeding through a residential area before crashing through a fence.

On September 13th, Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Seale observed a vehicle speeding near the 228-mile marker of Interstate 40. Seale attempted a traffic stop, but after the vehicle pulled to the side of the road the driver, Robert Winston decided to evade officers instead. He turned onto Beckwith Road and into a neighborhood, putting several citizens in danger before crashing the vehicle into a nearby fence. Desmond Jones told authorities he had pled with Winston to be let out of the vehicle.

Robert Winston (WCSO)
Robert Winston (WCSO)

After the crash, Seale saw a “dime” bag of cocaine in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Further inspection of the vehicle uncovered one large bag of suspected marijuana, cocaine in pre-measured baggies, several clear plastic baggies, and a scale. Outside the vehicle, next to where Winton was laying, was another large bag of cannabis and a broken bag of a pink substance believed to be heroin. Winston asked to call his wife, and an officer on the scene allowed him. The woman Winston called was Kendra Henderson, who had previously filed an order of protection against him. In addition to violating that order, Winston was also found to be driving on a revoked license.

Desmond Jones (WCSO)
Desmond Jones (WCSO)

Robert Winston was arrested and charged with evading arrest, false imprisonment, violation order of protection, driving on revoked, possession of cocaine and marijuana for resale, possession of heroin, reckless driving, and drug paraphernalia. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $90,000 bond.

Desmond Jones was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana for resale and possession of cocaine. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $52,000 bond.

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