Estranged husband charged after woman says he trapped her and begged her to kill him

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31-year-old Andrew Engel was charged with false imprisonment and domestic assault after his wife told officers he trapped her in their home and pleaded for her to kill him. He said he hugged her and she fired a shot into the floor.

On August 31st, Metro Nashville Officers arrived at 500 Gay Street in response to a domestic dispute and spoke with Raenanne Scargall. She told police that she had been held at 618 9th Street against her will. Scargall claimed that she went to the location where her estranged husband stays to pack her belongings there. She told police that after an hour-long talk on the back porch, Engel told her he unpacked all of her things in the bedroom.

Scargall went to re-pack everything and leave, but Engel stood in front of the door of the bedroom and told her “We have to talk about this”. When Scargall didn’t respond, Engel pulled her to his chest and rolled them both onto the bed, pinning her down. Scargall was able to wriggle free from him and grab a firearm on the dresser. Engel stood in front of the door again, telling Scargall multiple times to shoot and kill him. Scargall told him she did not want to shoot him before shooting the gun towards the ground. She replaced the firearm atop the dresser and managed to escape into the fenced back yard.

Andrew Engel (MCSO)
Andrew Engel (MCSO)

She said Engel chased her outside and prevented her from climbing through a hole in the fence. Scargall pivoted and ran for the front door to escape, but was stopped once again by Engel. Scargall pulled a pocket knife out and told Engel to move, but he simply showed the bottom of his wrist and asked her to kill him. After she refused and dropped the knife on the coffee table, he finally let her leave.

Engel’s statement to police claimed that after the talk on the back porch, Scargall went into the house to pack up, and while she was packing he stood in the doorway. Engel says he went to give her a hug, but she pushed away from him. He says that once the hug was over she went to the dresser, loaded the handgun hidden there, and told him she did not want to shoot him before shooting the floor.

Andrew Engel was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and domestic assault. His bond was set at$4,000.

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