Charges dismissed for tourist police say was combative and lost at the Hilton

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20-year-old Erin O’Brien was charged with public intoxication after officers found her yelling at security on the 10th floor of the Hilton, she insisted she was on the 14th floor of the 10-story building.

On November 23, Metro Nashville Police officers were sent to the Hilton Nashville on 121 4th Avenue South, in response to an intoxicated and lost person. When officers arrived, they found Erin O’Brien on the 10th floor yelling at security. They reported she was uneasy on her feet, slurred her words, and combative. Officers noted they could smell the odor of alcohol from O’Brien’s breath and person. They repeatedly tried to convince O’Brien to contact a friend or someone that could take care of her.

After several minutes, O’Brien became more aggressive and refused medical attention. The officers then tried to get O’Brien to go back to her hotel room, but she continued to act aggressively and tried to convince officers she was on the 14th floor of the Hilton, which only has 10 floors. Police took O’Brien into custody after they deemed her to be a danger to herself and others.

Erin O’Brien was arrested and charged with public intoxication. The charge was later dismissed.

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