Owensboro businessman ROR’d after assaulting bouncer at a downtown bar: Rick Ebelhar

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Rick Ebelhar, a prominent 38-year-old businessman visiting from Kentucky, was released on his own recognizance Sunday after punching a security guard at AJ’s Good Time Bar in downtown Nashville.

38-year-old Richard ‘Rick’ Ebelhar has been featured in parenting magazines and newspapers covering his family and multiple businesses, dealing with lawn care in Kentucky. And now he’s featured on the pages of Scoop: Nashville after an incident at AJ’s Good Time Bar at 421 Broadway late Saturday night.

Richard Ebelhar (MNPD)
Richard Ebelhar (MNPD)

An arrest warrant alleges that as Ryan Jaggassar, who was working security at the venue, was escorting Ebelhar out due to a disturbance, that Ebelahr punched him during their interaction.

In most cases, commissioners will not even grant pre-trial release in Nashville when there is a human victim of a crime, however in this case Richard Ebelhar ar was simply freed ROR – on his own recognizance. Ebelhar is charged with assault, and scheduled to appear in court in August.

Ebelhar, RichardGS9485382948 WATERSIDE WAY
Owensboro, KY 43203

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