Aaron Roden charged after giving another vehicle a “love tap” on Charlotte Pike

31-year-old Aaron Crawford Roden was involved in a quarrel with Slobodan Bjelic at Charlotte Pike over a girl they were both dating in the late hours of June 28th. Bjelic stated that after the altercation, he was sitting in his Subaru at Wilclay Drive when Roden rammed into it with his Dodge Ram at a high speed. He advised officers that he fired six rounds from his handgun at the grill of Roden’s truck as it approached a second time, rear-ending his car. Then, Roden fled the scene. Officers were provided surveillance showing Bjelic pulling out of the parking lot after the confrontation, with Roden following in the Dodge Ram. The damage to the Subaru was consistent with Bjelic’s statements. Roden’s truck was found unoccupied on Charlotte Pike. Officers spoke with Roden over the phone, and he stated he had given the Subaru a “love tap.” Roden was taken into custody for aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident on December 5th.