Anaya Brewington charged in assault of sister

38-year-old Anaya Brewington was jailed on October 1st following an altercation at her residence with her sister Denisha Brewingston in which Anaya and her 13-year-old daughter repeatedly struck Denisha. This follows arguments between the sisters about Anaya overstaying her welcome at Denisha’s apartment. Despite her sister asking her to move from a hallway, Denisha was attempting to hang a sign on her door and refused to step aside. When Anaya was moving past, Denisha still refused to move, and then the altercation began.

When police arrived, they noticed wounds on Denisha like a bruise on her arm, a welt on the back of her neck, and her head was tender to the touch. Anaya had wounds as well, such as bruising on her face, a scratch on her arm, and a bite mark on her chest. The officer remarks that bite marks are often self-defense wounds. Due to this, it’s alleged that Anaya was the primary aggressor, so she was taken into custody and booked.