Hamza Mohamed slaps juvenile sister in face after she took his phone charger

19-year-old Hamza Mohamed was jailed on April 17th after slapping his little sister in the face for taking his charger while he was away. Police responded to Bell Road, where they spoke with the minor victim, who said that she was using her brother’s phone charger and fan while he was away and had them in her room while she was asleep. When Mohamed came home, he banged on his sister’s door, demanding she opens it and returns his things. The victim said it took her a while to open the door because she was asleep, but when she did, Mohamed started yelling at her for taking his charger and pushed her face. There was another brother in the house that came into the room and took Mohamed into the hallway, where he calmed down. Mohamed told police that he went into his sister’s room to get the charger, and he was angry because he’s told her before to stop taking his charger. He also admitted to slapping her in the face.