David Reeves calls 14-year-old son ‘soft’ and slaps him across the face

43-year-old David Reeves’ sons told police, who showed up to the Grandstaff Apartments in response to a domestic assault call, that he picked them up from school, and they believed that he was intoxicated on September 18th. The boys said they argued with David about learning to drive until they arrived at the apartment. Once there, they said David “squared up” with the older brother, who did not wish to fight his father. He said that he sat down on the couch and ignored him. The younger son, 14 years old, told police that David called him “soft” and slapped him across the face. Police spoke to the boys’ mother, who corroborated their story. She said that she saw the slap and stepped between them to mitigate the issue, which placed them in fear of David. Police reported no physical sign of the slap, but they said it was hours before they responded to the call due to the volume of calls of service. David was not present when the police arrived, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.