Silvia Miramontes charged after using Sharpie & scissors to destroy husband’s clothing

52-year-old Silvia Miramontes is charged with vandalism after cutting and using a Sharpie to destroy $300 worth of her husband’s clothing. Julio Hernandez told police the couple had an argument earlier, and after he was at work for the day, she cut and marked his clothes with a sharpie marker. Their 9-year-old daughter confirmed to police that her mother damaged her father’s clothes.

Man awakens to drunk woman in his Gulch apartment, petting his dog #arrested

A Nashville man says he woke up around 3 a.m. Saturday after hearing someone in his Gulch apartment in downtown Nashville. Police arrived to discover a very intoxicated 21-year-old Cara Michaelson in the man’s home, petting his dog.