Ray Hockaday charged with stalking and domestic assault of ex-girlfriend

55-year-old Ray Hockaday was jailed overnight, charged with the stalking and domestic assault of his ex-girlfriend. Arrest reports state the couple ended their relationship last summer. Since the relationship ended, Hockday spent days showing up at her home despite being told not to contact her anymore. She received multiple texts showing he was at her location, which neighbors confirmed as they observed him in his white Mercedes. He would stop and ring the doorbell and drive around the block multiple times. He would also leave items at her doorstep. At one point after the breakup, the two had a verbal argument which led to the victim being punched by Hockday as she was exiting the vehicle. Officers documented bruises from the assault. Warrants were issued for the arrest of Hockaday, who lives in Williamson County, last year. He was booked on the outstanding warrants overnight.