39-year-old charged with assault of mother when told to quiet down — Kenyatta Brown

Police say 39-year-old Kenyatta Brown slapped her mother in the face and pushed her to the ground when her mother, Gladys Wills, came to her room and asked her to “keep it down” as she was reportedly talking loudly on the phone. Her mother suffered an injury to her elbow from the assault.

Woman charged with assaulting granddaughter, hours after assaulting a driver that hit her — Gladys Wills gone wild

58-year-old Gladys Wills went wild Saturday when police say she was hit by a vehicle in downtown Nashville and assaulted that driver, for which she received an assault citation. She then got into a physical fight with her daughter, while her granddaughter got a ride home from MNPD. Once they were all back to the residence, she then assaulted her granddaughter, too, grabbing her by the throat, leaving visible injuries. She’s free on a $1,000 bond.