Israel Ayala-Roman calls officers “F*ggots”, tells them to take his cuffs off to fight him

39-year-old Israel Ayala-Roman was one of many individuals drinking beer, standing outside Klean Kutz Barbershop and Linbar Laundromat on Linbar Drive around 4:00 p.m. on March 31st. Officers observed this and told the individuals to leave the location. Ayala-Roman stood up, almost fell over, then bent over to pick up a box of beer, which officers told him not to. Officers noticed Ayala-Roman was visibly impaired and reeked of alcohol as he tried to walk away, so they asked him for his identification. Then, he stopped, shook his head, walked into the business, and sat in a seat, refusing to provide his information. Officers had a Spanish-speaking officer tell Ayala-Roman to leave the location, but he still refused. Officers deemed him a danger to himself or others and detained him. While at booking, Ayala-Roman started yelling at officers, calling them “f*ggots” repeatedly and telling them to take his cuffs off to fight him. Ayala-Roman was taken into custody for criminal trespass, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.