Man charged with public intoxication after breaking man’s nose at Jason Aldean’s bar — Phillip Pate

22-year-old Phillip Pate was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Saturday, where he was only charged with public intoxication. Police initially responded to Jason Aldean’s bar in downtown Nashville, where Pate says he was pushed by another patron, Richard Frederick Randall. Pate then punched him in the face, breaking his nose and sending him to the hospital for treatment. Police could not locate any witnesses or bouncers who were willing to come forward as a witness, and the victim was at the hospital, so Pate was charged with public intoxication, booked into jail, and released after eight hours with all charges dismissed.

Woman finds husband at another woman’s home, lures him out, assaults him — Ynisha Williams

39-year-old Ynisha Williams is free on a $5,000 bond after she locked her husband, Medicus Smith, out of the marital home then later located him at the home of Brittney Sumrall, where she left a note on his vehicle in the driveway and waited. Once he came outside to read the note she ran up to him and punched and stabbed him in the eye socket with her keys, causing him to be transported to the hospital. The note read: “Medicus: Ha, Ha, Ha! Hope you had fun at Brittany’s house! Told you that I’m a smart b—h, not dumb… & Let the games Begin!!! -Wifey”