Joseph Friday charged in assault of girlfriend; pushing her, shattering a bowl, bruising her

26-year-old Joseph Friday told police, who showed up at his and his girlfriend’s apartment at Crossroads at the Gulch Apartments, that they argued over her cheating on him. He told police that he did not have any physical altercation with her, Alissa Bloom, but admitted to slapping popcorn out of her hand. Also, he said that Alissa attempted to break down a door while they argued. Alissa told police that during the argument, Joseph pushed a laptop into her, knocking the bowl of popcorn out of her hand, shattering the bowl, and bruising her hand. Police noted the shattered bowl and the bruise on Alissa’s hand. She told police that he also slapped a cell phone across her face. The officers determined Joseph to be the primary aggressor and arrested him for domestic assault.