Beaman Divorce: $15,000 per month in child support?

#BeamanDivorce Lee Beaman says he’ll pay $2100/month in child support, cover the child’s private school tuition, and an extra $750/month for extracurricular activities. Kelley says there’s simply no way she can maintain the 13-year-old’s lifestyle and meet his needs for less than $15,000/month in child support payments. Who will win?

Lee Beaman Taped Sex with Prostitutes, Made Wife Watch to ‘Train Her’ on How To Please Him

#BeamanDivorce: Nashville’s hottest divorce case just dropped some bombshells. Scoop: Nashville got first access to filings late Thursday afternoon, and Lee Beaman’s pornographic proclivities that Kelly Beaman has attested to in her brief before Monday’s trial… out city isn’t prepared for.