Lavinia Shearron jailed after pepper spraying 16-year-old daughter for being disrespectful

42-year-old Lavinia Shearron was jailed on September 12th after pepper spraying her 16-year-old on Franklin Road. The juvenile reported that she and her mother had gotten into an argument that led to her being pepper sprayed. Shearron told police that her daughter was being very disrespectful, and she confronted her daughter because she needed to be disciplined for speaking to her disrespectfully. The juvenile had walked into one of the rooms within the apartment, and when she came out, her mother pulled pepper spray from her bra and sprayed her. Shearron claims she did it out of a reaction because although she saw nothing in her daughter’s hands, she knew there were heavy objects in that room that her daughter may have used to throw at her. Ms. Shearron was taken into custody, and the juvenile was transported to Vanderbilt Children’s hospital.