DUI: Nicole Owens falls asleep behind the wheel, tells officers she had THC gummies and Xanax

51-year-old Nicole Owens was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation on June 11th. Officers received a call to a Forrest Place residence about a suspicious vehcile. When they arrived, they observed Owens sleeping in the driver’s seat of her vehicle at the intersection between Forrest Place and Roundwood Forrest Drive. After waking her, she told them she had only been there for 20 minutes. She consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly before admitting to having a couple of “swigs” from a half-empty bottle of Pecan Whiskey, which was later found in the backseat of her car. She also admitted to taking a THC gummy from a vape shop and a .5 mg Xanax. After being read implied consent, she refused to provide a chemical sample and was detained for the incident.