Nashville school labels ‘white only’ & ‘black only’ water fountains & doors for Black History Month

Parents and students are concerned that a Black History display in the hallways of Pearl-Cohn High School may have went too far for their comfort. As part of a project, students labeled doors as ‘colored entrance’ and ‘white entrance’, and nearby water fountains as ‘black only’ and ‘white only’.

Pearl Cohn student badly beaten, called slurs, by 34 yo felon William Benford while at School.

On Tuesday, William Benford, a convicted felon and parent of another student at the school, punched an underage student in the face, knocking him to the floor without warning. He then held him down by his hair, and continued to savagely beat him, while screaming “Faggot gay ass”. He was then able to flee the scene without being stopped by anyone. On Tuesday evening, in the lobby of Pearl Cohn High School. Two underage seniors, a male and a female, were involved in a verbal confrontation only, and it was…