18-year-old Robin Weatherall robs family at gunpoint

18-year-old Robin Weatherall was taken into custody on November 15th for the robbery of Yesenia Judith Yoc Coronado and her husband in June at the parking lot of Central Transport. Coronado advised officers that she, her husband, and their three children went to Central Transport to purchase a nail gun and an impact gun that was being sold on Facebook Market. Coronado’s husband texted the seller, letting him know they were at Central Transport. Then he pulled alongside a red SUV and got out to meet the seller, where Weatherall came from behind him, pointing a handgun at him before pistol-whipping him. Weatherall demanded money from Coronado’s husband as he told him and the seller to get on the ground. Coronado was able to record parts of the robbery with her cell phone as Weatherall took her husband’s phone and stomped on it. Weatherall went through Coronado’s purse, and she was able to get a close-up video of him before he took pictures of their license plate, threatening to come after them later, stole $700, and fled with the seller. An investigation was conducted, and officers were able to identify Weatherall as the suspect, charging him with two counts of aggravated robbery and vandalism.