Christopher Woodfin charged after a drug exchange gone wrong

31-year-old Christopher Woodfin was sitting in the passenger seat of a blue Mazda with an expired tag on Murfreesboro Pike in the late hours of December 5th. Officers initiated a traffic stop; the tag showed “Not on file,” so they ran the VIN, which showed that the vehicle was reported stolen by the owner, Rudy Gonzalez. Woodfin was Mirandized and advised them that he bought the vehicle from two unknown subjects for $20.00 at the Shell Station on Murfreesboro Pike. Sherrod Burnett was the driver. He told officers that he was in the parking lot of the Shell gas station and saw Woodfin get beat up while buying drugs. Woodfin had a crack pipe in his boot when officers searched him, and he was taken into custody for theft and unlawful drug paraphernalia.