Shannon Bellflower-Mustin assaults husband with cane during argument

39-year-old Shannon Bellflower-Mustin had a domestic altercation with her husband, Christopher Siracuse, at their Scruggs Lane unit on the night of April 24th. Officers spoke with Siracuse, who stated that he and Bellflower-Mustin argued over their son’s nutrition. During the dispute, he tried to leave through the front door. However, Bellflower-Mustin blocked it with her back, preventing him from leaving. Then, Siracuse realized he had forgotten some items inside, so he went to retrieve them. As he did this, she struck him in the back with her cane, leaving a visible mark. Siracuse refused medical treatment and advised officers that he wished to prosecute for the incident. Bellflower-Mustin was taken into custody for domestic assault.