Emmie Davidson gets drunk & naked, commits assault; says “it’s just a body” while flashing cops

Derrick Battle called police just before 2 a.m. on July 7th stating that 26-year-old Emmie Davidson was trying to leave their apartment naked while she was extremely intoxicated. He reports she scratched him and continued to assault him as he tried to not let her leave while drunk and indecent. She then flashed responding officers.

Etrec Logan charged with domestic assault of his daughter; DCS opens investigation

A Department of Children’s Services investigation has been opened and 41-year-old Etrec Logan has additionally been charged with domestic assault after a female child reported to police that her father picked her up off the ground and forcefully threw her down onto the floor during an argument. Two siblings witnessed the assault and one intervened. During the investigation, Logan admitted to grabbing his daughter and “shaking her” but did not make any further statements regarding the incident.