Daniel Marchesi cited for selling wine to a minor at West Meade Wine & Liquor

TABC’s undercover informant ‘Daphne’ was back in action as she attempted to buy a bottle of Mark West California Pinot Noir at West Meade Wine & Liquor on July 28th using a Tennessee ID with a DOB of 08/18/2003. The store’s clerk, 26-year-old Daniel Marchesi, who is currently out on bond for a DUI charge, reportedly sold her the 750 ml bottle while the transaction was witnessed by TABC Special Agent Williams. He is cited for selling alcohol to a minor.

Julian Keith fires shotgun into ground twice; threatens to blow someone’s head off

Metro Nashville Police arrived at a residence on Clearbrook Drive Saturday to find multiple bullet holes in the grass of the yard, as well as a shotgun shell. Christian Venson called 911 to report that his girlfriend’s brother, 36-year-old Julian Michael Keith knocked on his door then he heard a gunshot. He had also knocked on the door of his mother, Julia Keith. As Venson ventured outside with his girlfriend, Johanna Keith, they observed Julian standing with a shotgun in his hand. He began ranting about an incident from two months prior and stated he was angry. He then asked Venson, “Do you want to come to get the gun out of my hands?” Venson replied “no” to the question, and Keith continued, “Because I would blow your head off.” Venson told him that he didn’t want to die today, prompting Keith to turn and fire another shot into the ground with the shotgun. Keith then fled in his vehicle before officers arrived. He was then located and taken into custody. Venson says he believes Keith acted this way because he had been up for 24 hours due to his ADHD.