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**UPDATE: Driver has been SUSPENDED**
We received this tip today, and initially passed it over, however after some research all we can say is “How Dare He?” Uber Nashville Driver, James Victor Cherry, gets paid to take passengers from point A to point B. That’s his job. Doesn’t matter long trip or short trip, in the end, they tend to average out. It’s what he signed up for, and no one is holding a gun to his head. So today when we got this post about him negatively (realllllly negatively) rating passengers for taking short trips because he chose to wait nearly an hour at the airport on the gamble he would get a higher far, we did some digging… and found this isn’t the first time he got angry at a passenger and gave an unjustified bad rating – something that CAN prevent other drivers from choosing to accept a passenger in their car, in the future. Here’s today’s post from the Uber Nashville Facebook group:

 "45 minute wait at the airport for a ride. Pax gets in and apologizes before I hit start trip. Drury in on Donelson. 2.78 for almost an hour wait. No tip. One Star."

We did some research.. and guess what, This James Victor Cherry (his facebook URL is ‘/TheOnlyKingJames/ – we’ll let you write your own joke there)… gets off on giving 1-star ratings to Uber passengers who in his view ‘cheat’ the system by taking short rides, and not lining his pockets with fares or tips, even when they give him good ratings. We found this gem from a few weeks ago, too, with only a short amount of research:

I went against one of my rules and it bit me in the ass. After an airport run to Elm Hill pike frown emoticon I get a ping 8 miles away. Normally I wouldnt accept it or accept then cancel but after the crap run I just did, I figured I have some karma built up and I go. 15 minutes later im there and the pax is like it took you long enough to get here. I apologized and told her I was 8 miles away. She was like ok then put in her destination. It was less than a half mile away. I was so mad but hid it. When we got there she told me she forgave me for taking too long and said she would give me 4 stars for coming to get her. I could not wait to 1 star her ass. ‪#‎justneededtovent‬

UPDATE: This guy think’s he’s Oprah handing out One-Stars:


We should also note, that this is basically who we always get when we call an Uber in Nashville.. a guy with his profile pic with a bunch of strippers. Could he me any more typical of ‘Uber Nashville’?

Uber Driver: James Victor Cherry

So what do his fellow drivers think about this practice? They don’t like it – and they spoke out!


When asked why he gave the 1 star rating, he attempted to explain:


and then he just couldn’t shut up:


Frankly, if you are this unhappy with your job, James Victor Cherry, we think you should not be driving passengers in the city of Nashville (for Uber or Lyft for that matter) – hell, we wouldn’t even let you deliver our dinner – but then again, maybe that’s what you should be doing, if you expect tips on a platform where one of the main mottos is that tipping isn’t required or even expected.  Oh yea, he had something to say about that, too:


You never expect tips – except when you do, which is always, did we get that right?

We are going to agree with Deeda here:


Hopefully you’ll find a new job, in fact we hope to help you with that part of this process, as we’re sending this to both Uber, and Lyft, and Postmates, and Favors, and every other delivery/passenger/livery service in Nashville in hopes that you never have to worry about a passenger giving you a short fare – ever again!  Bad, Uber!


Not only does he bitch and moan about passengers, he brags on social media when he gets anyone remotely famous in his car… does this guy have no shame? or privacy? This is Nashville – you must be discreet! Just today he had Chicago White Sox catcher Matt Merulo in his car


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