Bad Uber Nashville Driver: James Victor Cherry

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**UPDATE: Driver has been SUSPENDED**
We received this tip today, and initially passed it over, however after some research all we can say is “How Dare He?” Uber Nashville Driver, James Victor Cherry, gets paid to take passengers from point A to point B. That’s his job. Doesn’t matter long trip or short trip, in the end, they tend to average out. It’s what he signed up for, and no one is holding a gun to his head. So today when we got this post about him negatively (realllllly negatively) rating passengers for taking short trips because he chose to wait nearly an hour at the airport on the gamble he would get a higher far, we did some digging… and found this isn’t the first time he got angry at a passenger and gave an unjustified bad rating – something that CAN prevent other drivers from choosing to accept a passenger in their car, in the future. Here’s today’s post from the Uber Nashville Facebook group:

 "45 minute wait at the airport for a ride. Pax gets in and apologizes before I hit start trip. Drury in on Donelson. 2.78 for almost an hour wait. No tip. One Star."

We did some research.. and guess what, This James Victor Cherry (his facebook URL is ‘/TheOnlyKingJames/ – we’ll let you write your own joke there)… gets off on giving 1-star ratings to Uber passengers who in his view ‘cheat’ the system by taking short rides, and not lining his pockets with fares or tips, even when they give him good ratings. We found this gem from a few weeks ago, too, with only a short amount of research:

I went against one of my rules and it bit me in the ass. After an airport run to Elm Hill pike frown emoticon I get a ping 8 miles away. Normally I wouldnt accept it or accept then cancel but after the crap run I just did, I figured I have some karma built up and I go. 15 minutes later im there and the pax is like it took you long enough to get here. I apologized and told her I was 8 miles away. She was like ok then put in her destination. It was less than a half mile away. I was so mad but hid it. When we got there she told me she forgave me for taking too long and said she would give me 4 stars for coming to get her. I could not wait to 1 star her ass. ‪#‎justneededtovent‬

UPDATE: This guy think’s he’s Oprah handing out One-Stars:


We should also note, that this is basically who we always get when we call an Uber in Nashville.. a guy with his profile pic with a bunch of strippers. Could he me any more typical of ‘Uber Nashville’?

Uber Driver: James Victor Cherry

So what do his fellow drivers think about this practice? They don’t like it – and they spoke out!


When asked why he gave the 1 star rating, he attempted to explain:


and then he just couldn’t shut up:


Frankly, if you are this unhappy with your job, James Victor Cherry, we think you should not be driving passengers in the city of Nashville (for Uber or Lyft for that matter) – hell, we wouldn’t even let you deliver our dinner – but then again, maybe that’s what you should be doing, if you expect tips on a platform where one of the main mottos is that tipping isn’t required or even expected.  Oh yea, he had something to say about that, too:


You never expect tips – except when you do, which is always, did we get that right?

We are going to agree with Deeda here:


Hopefully you’ll find a new job, in fact we hope to help you with that part of this process, as we’re sending this to both Uber, and Lyft, and Postmates, and Favors, and every other delivery/passenger/livery service in Nashville in hopes that you never have to worry about a passenger giving you a short fare – ever again!  Bad, Uber!


Not only does he bitch and moan about passengers, he brags on social media when he gets anyone remotely famous in his car… does this guy have no shame? or privacy? This is Nashville – you must be discreet! Just today he had Chicago White Sox catcher Matt Merulo in his car


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14 Thoughts to “Bad Uber Nashville Driver: James Victor Cherry”

  1. Daytona Sullivan

    In the defense of Nashville Uber drivers, none of us on that page agreed with his decision!! He does not reflect the opinion of the majority! We love what we do!

  2. Deeda Rushing

    Apparently there are people who think that I shared the information from a private rideshare group to attack this driver. I’d like to make it clear that I did not do that. I’m quoted here twice, and I understand that it could easily make me appear suspicious. I’m not objecting to the screenshots including my name because those comments serve to redeem the idea of using a rideshare service, while the article as a whole could negatively impact the rideshare community. The majority of us genuinely love what we do and strive to make sure all of our passengers enjoy the time they spend with us, regardless of how long or short their trip may be.

  3. Matthew

    While this is certainly something that should be taken up with the Uber Nashville Team, posting this and creating an article to intentionally cause damage to the character of and cause financial hardship to someone is illegal and opens you up to a law suit, which based on this article he would win very easily in court.

    You guys are better than this. If you want to make an article about crappy service go ahead, but using names without permission is lible and James, DeeDee, and Adam could all file suits against you for including their names here without permission.

    You should do the right thing and edit out his name or pull this article until after you ha e co tacked the Nashville Uber Team at their page at

    1. EN News

      Dear Matthew… we suggest you get a law degree! Thanks for your comment.

  4. Tristian

    Dear eastnashville news: I suggest you do something better with your time other than libel, and dissimination of others intellectual property. If all you have to report is something you found on a ranting Facebook ground then your news lives are pretty sad. Oh, and I have a law degree and the previous poster was 100% accurate and I’d be happy to represent all parties involved in suit against you. Losers.

  5. Cortney

    EN News, Matthew is right, and you should learn to be a little less passive when responding to your readers–maturity shows.

    1. EN News

      Hi Cortney – We’re a local gossip site, in case you were mistakenly searching for the Washington Post, we’re pretty sure you already knew this. Thank you for coming by – keep coming back – it works if you work it! We have faith in you, Cortney, no matter what your mother says.

  6. Tom

    Uber has given ZERO information to drivers or passengers about what constitutes a 5 star trip or passenger vs. a 1 star trip or passenger. Drivers have to deal with random passengers giving out 2 stars because they didn’t get the same foot massage or free food that the previous driver got. There is no rubric or guideline. Without such advice, any rating of any driver or passenger seems to be acceptable to them.

  7. I 1 star non tippers all the time, deal with it.

  8. Davey

    Maybe you should do an article on how lyft is better because they offer a tip option for drivers?? That’d be an interesting read and more reason to get mad at uber : )

    Happy gossiper,
    d a v e y

  9. iKmbr

    Well, we drivers know 4 stars isn’t a good rating…. In that ONE instance the pax was taking it out on him for there being less drivers and instead of being thankful that he drove out to get her for her short trip, she let him know she was punishing him for it. Not that the amount of acid he spews otherwise is justified but if a pax told me that they were rating me low because I agreed to potentially take a loss on a trip (long pickup route with no idea where the drop off would be) but they were mad over the wait time I’d 3-star them. If you can’t appreciate my work for you I don’t want you in my car again.

  10. Uber tells riders NOT to tip, which is F’d Up! That is like restaurants telling their patrons NOT to tip their bartenders and servers. How would taxi drivers feel if their riders were told not to tip them.

  11. Gossip Sites Are The Worst

    Crap on him all you want, but his underlying frustration is genuine. I used to drive Uber to complement my salary income, and I mostly agree with everything he’s complaining about. There are virtually no incentives for the passenger to be courteous or respectful, and everything is stacked against the driver.

    You drive around self-absorbed entitled assholes (college students on their parents’ credit card) who throw out arbitrary ratings on a system that punishes drivers if they get anything less than a 5/5.

    People routinely hail you from miles away and never show up, or purposely circumvent the surge areas, which, consequently, are about the only fares drivers can make any money to justify even working for Uber in the first place.

    The company never backs up the driver on any rider/driver dispute unless the rider blatantly violated the policies and the driver can prove it.

    They will second guess your routes, even if it saves the pax time, since they can see everywhere you go when you’re logged on.

    They promise enticing but vague bonuses that no one ever seems to qualify for because they use some jackass formula designed to reward the fewest number of drivers as possible.

    Try and get compensated for a rider no-show and listen to Uber HQ bend the laws of physics to explain why you don’t qualify to get paid. And that’s if you even get an ACTUAL response from an ACTUAL human that isn’t straight from some point-and-click script.

    As much as I like the idea and service of Uber, as an employer they are awful and represent the classic “race to the bottom” argument.

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