Did Nashville Girl Gang cause the suicide death of Blaise Williams & his wife’s miscarriage?

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Yesterday, we reported on a group of Nashville girls that have been posting sexts, sex videos, texts, nudes, dick pics and other things they have received via text message and social media from males they were chatting with. They are doing all of this in a ‘tell all’ group called ‘Fuckboys of Nashville Exposed’ Once of the guys that was blasted in the group was Blaise Williams, who committed suicide earlier this year. His wife also had a miscarriage. Today, we are hearing the possible reason that he committed suicide – that he had texted some girls and was a ‘player’ in the past, but was trying to change his ways and do better for himself, his wife, and his upcoming family – however the girls (some of whom are in this group) continued to harass Blaise, confronting him non-stop, and some are saying this eventually led to him taking his own life. It is also reported that his wife miscarried from having to deal with all the drama and stress created by this ‘gang’ of girls. RIP Blaise Williams.

So when these girls think that they are doing no harm, and just having fun by being internet bullies and posting things online that were given to them in confidence – maybe they should think again. Here’s their conversation from earlier today as they discussed the reason behind the suicide and miscarriage, in their own words. Note that we initially removed his post from yesterday’s article out of respect for his memory and family, but with the continued new conversation today, we believe it is relevant in the discussion of the harm these girls, who describe themselves as feminists, are doing, and are capable of:





So, how do you feel about this gang of girls taking out their revenge (deserved of not) on the internet? Were their actions justified, should they be stopped? Sound off in the comments.

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16 Thoughts to “Did Nashville Girl Gang cause the suicide death of Blaise Williams & his wife’s miscarriage?”

  1. Nope

    This is disgusting. Talking about a dead person as if they were shit.

    1. Monica

      Hey ya’ll my SON was bipolar and you will be so happy to know his 13 and 14 year old sons found this shit this year, so THANK you, you bunch of sick animals. His girlfriend did not miscarry but had an abortion and had one the year before. She was THERE when it happened and it sounds like some of yall are as scummy as she was.

      1. Monica

        This includes the people in charge of this article and site. He was not a public figure. You had no right to his story.

      2. dude

        Who gives a flyin fuck about him or his little hoodrat thugs. Sounds like him and the chick deserved each other….both scumbag losers

  2. I feel as if those who harass and abuse and threaten women are doing a service by removing themselves from those womens’ life — by whatever means that abuser feels necessary.

  3. Whatever

    Wow this is extremely moronic. Obviously the person that posted it didn’t know he was dead and plus, his death had nothing to do with the women he harassed online. If anyone is terrible it’s you for making this post and making up lies like this

  4. K

    Clearly they didn’t know he was dead when this was posted… And he was gone long before that group.
    This is extremely disrespectful to the family of the deceased, this artical needs to be taken down.

  5. Holley

    I was uninformed that when joining this group we’d each get the ability to travel back in time.
    Seriously,you’re grasping at straws..I understand that the group may have hurt your feelings or something along the line (whoever you are) but to go so far as to exploit the loss of life in an attempt to make a strike? You are the lowest of the low.
    You are the true definition of a fuckboy.

    In the future consider signing off with your name and a photo,we need a new poster child.

  6. Ren

    No one knew he had passed away. These people are taking this out of context. He died way before that post was ever put on that group page. Yall are sick individuals for trying to blame that poor girl

  7. V

    The group didn’t come into existence until long after Blaise had taken his own life. He was however very consistent on the type of person he was before his death, and it doesn’t surprise me that the friction in his relationship was a factor in his choice. Kacie obviously had nothing to do with anything (except being a target of Blaise’s sexual harassment) and trying to pull her or any other girls into his decision to end his life is low and ignorant. Terrible article! “News” indeed.

  8. ASA

    Obviously I mean Kacie is a fat ugly heffer the whole thing is made up to make her attention whore look good she is disgusting so im ok with karma biting her in the ass herphavinuglyass

  9. ShameOnENN

    The author of the articles doesn’t put his/her name but blast this disrespectful mess? I’m not even from NV or know any of these people but I feel like the bashing site and ‘news’ site reporting it are at the same level of maturity.

  10. Josephine Smith

    It’s pretty stupid and hypocritical that people who are getting kicks out of shaming people online use the excuse of “shaming” to shame them, LOL. I read a number of the posts and some of those were just corny ass guys, not even threatening or anything, but just lame. Why would you want to publicly humiliate them just for that? The internet is full of sociopaths.

  11. Tristan

    He was my DAD you assholes!!

    1. Monica

      Thank you honey, Sorry you had to see the hideousness of some people..

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