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Yesterday, we reported on a group of Nashville girls that have been posting sexts, sex videos, texts, nudes, dick pics and other things they have received via text message and social media from males they were chatting with. They are doing all of this in a ‘tell all’ group called ‘Fuckboys of Nashville Exposed’ Once of the guys that was blasted in the group was Blaise Williams, who committed suicide earlier this year. His wife also had a miscarriage. Today, we are hearing the possible reason that he committed suicide – that he had texted some girls and was a ‘player’ in the past, but was trying to change his ways and do better for himself, his wife, and his upcoming family – however the girls (some of whom are in this group) continued to harass Blaise, confronting him non-stop, and some are saying this eventually led to him taking his own life. It is also reported that his wife miscarried from having to deal with all the drama and stress created by this ‘gang’ of girls. RIP Blaise Williams.

So when these girls think that they are doing no harm, and just having fun by being internet bullies and posting things online that were given to them in confidence – maybe they should think again. Here’s their conversation from earlier today as they discussed the reason behind the suicide and miscarriage, in their own words. Note that we initially removed his post from yesterday’s article out of respect for his memory and family, but with the continued new conversation today, we believe it is relevant in the discussion of the harm these girls, who describe themselves as feminists, are doing, and are capable of:





So, how do you feel about this gang of girls taking out their revenge (deserved of not) on the internet? Were their actions justified, should they be stopped? Sound off in the comments.

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