Reminder: Crime Prevention Meeting Today @ 11AM – @ Drifter’s

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Just a quick reminder that if you want to take part in the East Nashville Neighborhood Watch’s “Crime Prevention Meeting”, then you should show up at Drifters today from 11AM – 12:30PM.

We’re still not sure what crime they’ve ever prevented – but if you want to sit around while MNPD officers watch you eat a burger and drink a beer on a weekday during lunch, then this is the place you want to be. Also, you get the pleasure of meeting the captain of the neighborhood pink posse , neighborhood watch, Bob Acuff!

Remember to park smart, lock your car, and stop accusing every non-white person in the neighborhood of casing your house when he’s trying to walk to work. Also, the diversity at these meetings are well…. come see for yourself. It’s like it’s sponsored by Aerial Development!


Actually, Bob Acuff – we are hearing that geriatric group of yours, may be soon replaced by a new, younger, group of folks taking care of our neighbood. We got their flyer today and wanted to share it with you. We think they would do a much better job:


Bob Acuff: Neighborhood Watch Captain
Bob Acuff: Neighborhood Watch Captain

“If you like crime and gunshots and don’t care if they get worse” says Bob Acuff… Dear Bob, we’re pretty sure that you peeking from behind your curtain is not going to prevent any gun crime in East Nashville. In case you missed our previous coverage of the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain and his crew, check out the post: Bob Acuff & His Crime Crew

In the meantime, we’re going to play our new drinking game from the safety of our home. It’s called gunshots or fireworks, and everytime someone is confused enough to ask this question on facebook, we take a shot. Needless to say it makes most of our nights early ones in East Nashville.


“So, what IS the East Nashville CPM (Crime Prevention Meeting) exactly? Basically it’s a couple of folks from the MNPD (Nashville Police) that gather with a few busy-bodies from the neighborhood every Thursday, generally at a bar, where lunch is optional, and a few stats are given from the MNPD, a few “i was stupid and left my iphone/ipad/wallet in my car seat overnight and it was stolen” stories are heard from the pubic, and a few “you should not do that, let me tell the world how stupid you were and remind everyone to lock the doors so i will feel important and have a purpose in life and appear to have the backing of the MNPD in my words so i feel even more important than I am” statements are heard from the busybodies.”

crime prev meeting banner

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