“Fuckboys of Nashville Exposed” – SHUTDOWN by Facebook!

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24 Hours after we received the initial notice from Facebook that they were shutting down the ‘FuckBoys of Nashville’ Group, We received another noticed that it actually had been completed. As of about 2AM this morning, the group was wiped from the face of Facebook, and is no longer in existence. Of course, like any good hate group, when one is taken down, 5 smaller ones pop up to replace it as the group splinters and smaller sub groups form, all with slightly different goals than the first. So the primary message is forever dilute, and the smaller groups stay smaller and more ‘sub-specialty’ than the original. This is no exception and a smaller splinter group has already formed, with only a fraction of the original members, currently around 100, and doesn’t discriminate against fuckbois or fuckgirls. The new groups is: Fuckbois/gals Of Nashville and is somehow still a ‘public’ group – but we bet that changes fairly quickly.


The new group, in what is a strange twist, is ran by a guy – Mason Hall who listed the description as:

“I got deleted from the other group for no reason other than speaking against bias. This group is to identify ALL fuckbois and gals equally. “


We seriously doubt that many of the ‘mean girls’ that created the former group will go for this male ran version, and will likely create their own new version, once they recover from dancing their shift at the strip club last night (yes, their actual job) and the after-events that come with it. We expect they’ll wake up to angry to a missing group sometime late afternoon today. We wish we could be there to witness it.

We still have hundreds of Fuckboy screenshots and names, we may continue another post with the remainder if the girls pop back  up as a threat to the men of nashville.

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