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We have to wonder what is with rude Uber & Lyft drivers this holiday season. We started off with the Rude Uber Driver reports a few weeks ago – starting with the Uber driver that gave passengers 1-Star ratings for random reasons, and for not tipping him or taking longer rides and increasing his profits, and then there was the Lyft Driver that dumped his passengers for not buying him pizza. Is there anyone sane left in the Nashville rideshare industry?

boboboLet’s look at our most recent idiot Uber Driver – Bob Benckert. You may know him from the Alternate Root, or as a board member of the Board of Directors of the Americana Music Association. We know him as a smart-ass and rude Uber driver – that also loves to give riders 1-Stars for nonsense reasons. Now, Bob was around for our last set of articles, in fact he made this comment as our article was published – you would think he would be a little nicer online after these comments (by the way – despite his ‘threat’ he is certainly not ‘done with this group’:


In fact, it’s ‘this group’ that once again brings us the story of this rude rideshare driver. Earlier in the day a new Uber driver ask the Uber drivers group (where folks go to help) if it was ‘busy out there’ trying to get an idea of when good times to drive are. Now Nashville is a HUGE city and the chances that this person is driving in the same part as anyone else in the group, is relatively small. So the question was very benign, but Bob went off on them, and here was the result – still a very smart ass answer:





So, to sum it up – Bob, who is a UberXpert – someone who inspects new drivers, and is supposed to give them tips, by definition of the program, prefers to make rude ass comments to them online. Great job, Bob – Great Job. How’s that UberXpert working for you… we have reports you are indeed doing the program:


And we were able to track down the UberXpert training documents you signed when going through the program, two slides are relevant, as below:



In case you missed it you are to “Give helpful advice and tips for a great first ride” – and you knew this was a brand new driver asking the questions – so we have to ask Uber – just who did you invite to the Xpert program, and why are you letting people like bob mentor folks under your name? Frankly he shouldn’t even be carrying passengers around, with the way he treats them. Have a look at a recent Thanksgiving holiday traveler encounter which he rated as 1-star for simple mis-information:


In General his attitude does not represent Uber and we can’t believe you let him represent the Uber brand. We, for one, will not get in the car with him if he shows up for our pick-up. That’s for sure. Would YOU?


And of course, his comments have gotten him booted from more than one group previously, oddly enough for the same thing he promised to do, help new drivers:


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