Goodbye Charlie Bob’s ?

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Three days before Christmas, the Chas Hawkins Co, Inc. quietly put one of it’s most expensive listings on the market, to date – the property that Historic Charlie Bob’s is currently leasing. That’s right, the property that houses Charlie Bob’s is now officially on the market – but it’s not being listed as just an investment deal for someone else to profit from – like everything else in Nashville it’s listed as a ‘re-development’ meaning a level it off and build it up deal. touting great downtown view from the property. The real question is – what will happen to Charlie Bob’s – which has been a Nashville icon since 1972? Will they relocate? Will they shut the doors? Will the price of real estate in East Nashville force out yet another historic icon from the scene?

From the Charlie Bob’s website about their history:

Charlie Bob’s Restaurant been owned and operated by the Douglas family since 1972. The restaurant has been in operation for over 60 years in the Northeast Village. The 40s brought a small coffee shop when Highway 41 was the first paved road in and out of Nashville. In the 50s, the restaurant was a carhop complete with waitresses on roller skates. The 60s welcomed the neighborhood famous “Charlie’s Restaurant”. Over the years, the restaurant has become a meeting and gathering spot for the neighborhood. Our customers often return telling stories of when their Grandparents would bring them to Charlie’s every Sunday after church. The Douglas family takes pride in the neighborhood and the rich history of our neighbors. Charlie Bob’s Restaurant provides quality home cooking and a smile to everyone who enters.

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The listing went live on various real estate/redevelopment websites, as well as craigslist, as seen below:

cl ad 1

cl ad 2

Charlie Bob’s has meant so much to so many over the past few decades:

Do you have any great Charlie Bob memories? Did you ever try the Charlie Bob’s Challenge?

In case you want to venture over, here’s the full menu, as well:

So will Charlie Bob’s relocate or will they be just another victim of the gentrification of East Nashville?

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