Uber: Why Passenger Rating Matters – Are Drivers Refusing Your Ride? – Jonathan Russell

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Just because they CAN, doesn’t mean they SHOULD. We’re talking about Uber & Lyft drivers cancelling or not accepting a ride request, just because a passenger has a ‘low rating’. Passenger Ratings should not have any effect on whether your ride request is accepted or cancelled, because as we’ve seen – there are any Uber Nashville and Lyft Nashville drivers in town that Give out 1-Star ratings for passengers just because they won’t buy the driver pizza, or want to go through a drive-thru, or don’t take a trip long enough to make the driver as much money as they want for the trip – and of course there’s also the Drivers that simply rate a passenger with a 1-star because they didn’t like the tip they received. Everyone remembers the Driver that handed out ‘1-stars like Oprah’, right? Here are just a few of the local Nashville drivers that love to give 1-star ratings to passengers for no legitimate reason:

So what brings us back to this topic today? Meet Jonathan Russell, an Uber Nashville driver – who refuses rides to Uber passengers with 1-stars – when it’s apparent that this is almost never a true reflection of the passenger, but more a reflection of the poor attitude of previous drivers. Jonathan writes:

“Just got a ride request from someone with a 3.7 rating. Probably the worst rating I’ve ever seen so I cancelled the ride. Did I make the right or wrong decision?”

meme with border russel cancels rides

Well, Jonathan, please read our articles above, and listen to the few drivers in Nashville that have some common sense left, and know that you made the wrong decision. At least there were a few drivers in the discussion to let him know that he was in the wrong:


We hope that you’ve found the answers you seek, Jonathan – just because one rideshare driver gives a passenger a low rating because of any number of stupid reasons (refuses to share pizza, trip too short, tip not enough, etc…) does not mean another rideshare driver should deny their ability to possibly get any ride at all, based solely on a rating – which the passenger may not even be aware exists.

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2 Thoughts to “Uber: Why Passenger Rating Matters – Are Drivers Refusing Your Ride? – Jonathan Russell”

  1. Cole

    You guys are trash. Guys asks an honest question, and you just generate a story about him. Why don’t you find something real to report on and maybe I won’t have to go to the 3rd page of Google to find you.

    1. EN News

      that’s funny – you should ask Bob, we’re the 5th hit for him, front page, right after the organization he pretends to work for but was fired from last year per their magazine:

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