Neighborhood Watchful: Elizabeth Schneider doing her duty!

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The white people, Aeriel Development Resident, East Nashville Neighborhood Watch! are at it, again! Because no one ever has a legitimate purpose to go door to door in East Nashville, or have an excuse to not be white like you and your neighbors, right? Elizabeth Schneider writes to the neighborhood watch, warning of an HOURS OLD incident, which doesn’t appear to have been reported, or attempted to be stopped, or take any action, other than to come home, turn on her fireplace, and post about it on Facebook:

“Group of teens walking the 1100 block of Cahal Ave knocking on doors and stealing packages today just FYI.”

Of course, we learned just last week that someone accused a group of teens of this, an turns out they were attempting to get jobs raking leaves and lawnwork… coincidence? And did no one tell her that Christmas is over, there are not tons of packages being delivered this week. But, heed the advice of Elizabeth (or you know, actually take ACTION next time). So KUDOS, Elizabeth, for doing your Aerial Development Watch Duty!


Funny enough, Elizabeth does property management and accounting for Horrell Company, which doesn’t look that different than Aerial Development – look @ that diversity from their ‘Team’ page.


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