Postmates, Bring me a Bong? Sure, gimme an hour!

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Postmates really WILL deliver anything to East Nasvhille! In fact, if you get the right Postmate (luck of the draw) you can get just about -anything- delivered. Sometimes when you get that siren of a new order, you look down to see this:

bong order stoners postmates

…and well, there’s no other option other than to respond with this, because they really got the luck of the draw:

bong bought

Granted, not every Postmate would know how to act in a shop or even be comfortable making the purchase – for tobacco, of course!  Since any other use would be prohibited by the Postmates ‘Undeliverable Items’ item list:

Work-Postmates Delivery FAQs

In the end just another satisfied Postmates customer – continuing to deliver anything to you, anywhere in Nashville, since 2015! (Just seal the box, they can’t ask what’s  inside!).

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