Nashville Lyft Driver David Haley wants Service Animals caged or in Trunk during rides!

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Oh David Haley. There comes a time when everyone types something on the internet, and then realizes just how stupid their own opinion sounds – and it seems you had one of those moments this evening. Luckily, we had a very observant tipster that sent us in your ‘interesting’ point of view on transporting service animals in your Lyft vehicle. Don’t worry, David, we’ve already sent your statements and opinions over to the Lyft corporate safety office, and we’ll leave them here, forever to be found on Google. You’re welcome. You can be our Bad Lyft Driver of the Month, if it makes you feel any better.

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It seems that David feels that service animals should either be caged during the ride, or even worse, insist that the service animal rides in the TRUNK during the Lyft!

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Then, after he was shamed and shunned and everyone had their internet fun with him, he states he was really only curious because of our recent reporting of Nashville Lyft Driver Jarron Romine Refuses Service Animal.


We wondered how anyone smart enough to mange to sign up to be a Lyft driver could have such ‘out there’ opinions, then we browsed his Facebook page, and well, we wonder no more. We’ll let you embark on that venture for yourself. David was, after all, the employee of the month for the Christian Broadcasting Network, and we all just love that programming, right?

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So David, how would you like it if someone made you ride in a trunk, or in a cage? Assuming you would not like such an idea, why would you even dream of requiring a service animal, who is MUCH better trained to be in public than you have ever been, to do such a thing? Maybe a service animal could teach YOU a thing or two.

Also, David posted his question in this screenshot on a facebook group  Рso if anyone can help him with his question, his information is below:

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