DUI 2 for 1: Drunk man crashes into drunk friend who crashed into a ditch, who he was coming to help

Melvil Arnt, 30, and Natasha Nancel, 24, were both charged with DUI overnight when Natasha left the Fox Bar in East Nashville and crashed into a ditch. She called her friend, Melvil, to come to assist, however, he struck her vehicle upon arrival. Both parties blew over double the legal BAC level.

Nashville Lyft Driver David Haley wants Service Animals caged or in Trunk during rides!

Oh David Haley. There comes a time when everyone types something on the internet, and then realizes just how stupid their own opinion sounds – and it seems you had one of those moments this evening. Luckily, we had a very observant tipster that sent us in your ‘interesting’ point of view on transporting service animals in your Lyft vehicle. Don’t worry, David, we’ve already sent your statements and opinions over to the Lyft corporate safety office, and we’ll leave them here, forever to be found on Google. You’re welcome.…