The East Nashville Flamingos

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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 06/22 – As of this morning, Martin & Lewis, the replacement flamingos, have ALSO been birdnapped – between 1AM and 6AM overnight! Will they join Pinky and Perky on their Journey? Was this more sinister? Tyler contacted us via our tipline this morning (615-669-TIPS)


East Nashville friends Tyler Davis and Russ Clifford, like many others in the neighborhood, have a small garden at their home. Tyler maintains the garden and during May of 2015 he adopted 2 plastic pink flamingos to overlook his work. Named Pinky and Perky, these two proudly stood watch through both the heat and the cold, and never left their post – until they were kidnapped. Yes, these two fine birds finally became an East Nashville crime statistic. On May 15th they were found to be missing, reported by their owner, Tyler, on his Facebook page – however the story doesn’t quite end there.

missing flamingos rip tyler davis

On June 18th, Tyler received a letter in the mail – his flamingo friends were not just missing, they had been birdnapped! The anonymous letter contained a link to a Facebook page called “The East Nashville Flamingos“:

tyler davis facebook post letter in the mail pink flamingos

Pinky and Perky not only have their own Facebook page, but also an Instagram account, where they have been documenting their adventures!


It should be noted that after Tyler filed a missing Flamingo report, a new set of birds appeared in his garden – also a mystery. He named them Martin & Lewis, and Pinky & Perky seemed to not be pleased were been replaced:

we have been replaced

new flock martin lewis appeared

Here is Tyler, the sad parent of two missing, and two adopted, flamingos:

sailor tyler

So who is the culprit behind the original birdnapping? Who replaced the missing birds? We may never know, but there are some clues on Tyler’s Facebook postings.

tyler sad without them


Are YOU behind the East Nashville Flamingos? Are We? Do you know who is? Have  you seen them around town?


shelby park escaped garden life

perk arrested cma fest pinky bailed out

manuels outfits ca

downtown batman

cma fest purple hats

carolyn ave garden home





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2 Thoughts to “The East Nashville Flamingos”

  1. Martin and Lewis are now armed and ready to defend their new turf.

  2. Village Sam

    I LOVE the idea of ‘the East Nashville flamingos take a tour of town’ photos!! Put together a quick ‘missing flamingos’ flyer for the neighborhood. 😉

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